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Growing your money and reducing your taxes owed, enjoying your ‘Ideal Lifestyle’, planning for retirement and taking good care of your heirs and loved ones requires careful, expert planning. Yet with so many choices, options and variables, it can be overwhelming at times. Well we’re here to make it easy for you.

Bill Kinder & Associates is a full-service financial solutions firm helping singles, families and business owners in southern West Virginia.  We provide proven personalized strategies to help you accomplish your personal financial and life goals.

How to Get Started With Kinder & Associates

  • Are You 45-55?

    You’re 7-17 years from retirement. Grow and protect the money in your retirement plan.

  • Are You 55-65?

    Make sure your nest egg is safe and you can retire. Maximize your S.S. benefits and retire early.

  • Are You 65+?

    Enjoy the retirement lifestyle you want and make sure your money doesn’t run out during your retirement.

  • Are You A Business Owner?

    Save money on taxes now and redirect it into investments that grow tax deferred. When you retire, draw your money tax free.


  • 10 Strategies to Invest Smarter, Minimize Your Taxes & Protect Your Assets
  • Our Retirement Planning Guide "How to Retire Rich & Happy"
  • A Ticket To Our Upcoming Seminar


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