Our STRYDE Program

Business Owners: Like To Add An Average of $50,000 Or More To Your Bottom Line Every 12 Months?


… Without Doing Anything More Than You’re Doing Right Now?


It’s no secret that most small business lose 100s of $1,000s of dollars each year through their overpayment of bills, taxes, unauthorized fees and various erroneous charges. For most CEOs, this money is simply written off because they either don’t have the time, labor power and/or expertise to find all of the places in their business where they are losing money unnecessarily or should be saving. As a result, millions of dollars are lost every year by small business owners in the U.S..


At Bill Kinder & Associates, we understand the needs of busy CEOs and have devised a time tested, business proven solution to solve this problem. We’ve formed an affiliation with Stryde Solutions. Our Stryde program specializes in Tax Incentive programs, Workman’s Compensation Audits, Expense Reduction Audits, Credit Card Merchant Audits, Property Tax Mitigation and more. Our team of expert auditors does the leg work and finds you $1,000s of dollars in not only savings yet also refunds.


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We designed our program to be simple, straight forward and effective. To date, the Stryde program has captured over $300M in benefits for clients.

How Much Does It Cost?

We offer our services on a contingency basis. This means you pay us noting up front. Simply put, if we don’t find savings or a benefit for you and your business then there’s no fee. When we do find savings, refunds, etc. then our fee is assessed as a fraction of the benefit or savings.


Pop Quiz: Is It Worth A 20 Minute Consultation To Save $1,000s Each Year?

Stop losing money and overpaying other companies and the government unnecessarily. Keep your company’s revenues and hard-earned money in your own pocket.



Learn more about our Stryde Program 



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